Wow. I went to my first confession today. Prior to going I went over an online examination of conscience and made a list of sins that I have committed against God. In making the list, I was reticent about whether or not I could actually say some of them aloud to the priest. Would I find the words?

I had arranged a meeting with the priest, and had a face-to-face confession. It was surprisingly easy to talk to him, even though he’s not the most naturally gregarious man I’ve met. The sins poured out of me. I gave few details, and much sooner than I had anticipated – I was done. He gave me some advice, he gave me a penance, and then he pronounced absolution of my sins.

Nothing magical happened. Yet, I know that something very real occurred. A little over three weeks from now, I will be partaking of the Holy Eucharist. Praise be to God.