I figured I’d write this in my blog, as the discussions tend to get pretty heated in the forums. You can write about any number of things, but for the love of Pete, don’t discuss the possibility that artificial birth control is contrary to the will of God! I’ve found this out quite quickly. I recently posted a video in the Ecclesiology sub-forum, mainly because I felt I was playing to a friendly audience. After all, it was an Eastern Orthodox pamphlet that introduced me to the concept of Natural Family Planning, and it was Eastern Orthodox writing that led me to question the use of artificial birth control in the first place. Boy, was I surprised when the main opponents of the video were Orthodox Christians.

So, rather than post this in a forum, where the volume and vitriol will drown it out, I simply want to write on this topic – mainly to flesh out my own convictions concerning the use of ABC. I want to start this by linking to this article on Natural Family Planning. In the thread on contraception, the argument essentially became, “Well, I don’t see the difference between NFP and ABC. One’s just as wrong as the other.” Of course, hardly anyone really wanted to step up and say that Christians should never actually practice neither. That would conflict with current practice, you see. In the next couple of posts, I want to examine this article I referenced in greater detail. I hope that anyone who reads this will take the time to read it as well.