I’ve been thinking of what it means to be in union with St. Peter.  In the New Testament, especially in the Gospels, Peter is presented as the most prominent Apostle.  That is until some guy named Saul is struck blind.  From that moment, Peter seems to fade.  Paul’s influence seems much greater.  He did write the majority of the books of the New Testament after all. 

Even as a kid I remember thinking that Peter got the short shift.  And as a Protestant, I often felt almost guilty for ceding to Paul such influence . . . .  I know, strange, huh?  Yet as a Catholic, I’ve come into communion with St. Peter, the rock.  I can see more plainly now that whereas Paul has his place as a prolific and influential apostle, Peter’s promise was never about a book. It was the Church.  It is only in the Church, the Catholic Church, where Peter finds his proper expression.