Why is it that there are no groups who advocate for changes in Church discipline and at the same time do not advocate for changes in moral theology or Church dogma?  For example, where are the advocacy groups who simply want a married priesthood?  Instead, you get groups who advocate for the married priesthood, women priestesses, gay marriage, artficial birth control, abortion etc. etc.  I would have more sympathy for a group of women who argued for women priests on theological grounds while at the same time not attacking the moral underpinnings of the Church.  Until I see responsible discussions on these types of disciplinary issues, I am always suspicious of those who advocate for change in the Church.  Why stay “Catholic” if you disagree so vehemently with the Church?  Is it because you truly feel that the Catholic Church is ‘the’ Church? If so, you are living a contradiction – where God protected His Church only to have you ‘reform’ it.  Or is it because you see the Church as a giant opportunity for change?  And isn’t it so much more fun being a gadfly than a person of principle?