Well, I suppose I should put my thoughts down about the recent decision by Catholic Answers to do away with the Eastern Christianity sub-forum and create in its place the Eastern Catholic sub-forum.  Of course, this has most Orthodox and many Catholic participants up in arms.  Mostly the Catholic participants are upset because they enjoyed a singular place in which to engage Eastern Christian ideas – both Catholic and Orthodox.  The Orthodox participants are upset because they now feel excluded or relegated to participation in the non-Catholic Christians sub-forum.  This deeply offends them, as they feel (of course) that they are Catholic in the truest sense.  The fact that many of these same Orthodox Christians would not afford the term “Catholic” to those of us in communion with the See of Rome doesn’t seem to raise many irony antennae in the joint.  I’ve dealt with my fair share of Orthodox who refuse to refer to us as “Catholics”.  Instead, I’m a ‘papist’ or a ‘Latin’ Christian. 

Now many (both Orthodox and Catholic) have started pleading for a sub-forum of their very own, so they can continue the debate.  I can only ask, “Isn’t this what got us into trouble in the first place?”  Myself? I wouldn’t mind a place on CAF that is fairly moderated and specifically meant for West/East ‘dialog’.  Perhaps the Eastern Christianity sub-forum became too hard to fairly moderate because by its very nature, Western Christians venturing in its virtual doors were the ‘outsiders’.  A Roman Catholic making a spirited stance was often labeled a trouble-maker.  A sub-forum specifically set aside for such troublemakers (believe you me, there’s enough of ’em on both sides) might just be a better solution.