For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m truly ‘becoming hinged.’ God has taken most of the questions and doubts in my life and either has answered them or provided peace in them. Those that still remain simply don’t come to mind at this time. I’m sure they’re there, lingering . . . waiting to be used by the enemy at the most opportune time in order to loosen the screws on the newly-hinged me. But that’s okay. That’s not now. Now is a time of learning. Of trusting. Of letting go and letting God.

Yet in this time of feeling like God really is sorting me out . . . I’m being pressed with an issue of faithfulness to God and His Church’s teachings.  I can almost literally see the fork in the road.  Either I can remain in this feeling of God’s protection – choosing obedience over convenience; or I can take the more traveled road and potentially lose all the progress in this journey.  Please pray for me.