Today, the second Sunday of Easter, is Divine Mercy Sunday. I wanted to share with anyone who happens upon this my story of God’s Divine Mercy given to my family on this day.

On some Sundays my family goes to my parents’ home for Sunday dinner. Today was one of those days, and as we were finishing the meal and preparing to go home, my niece started a movie that I had been wanting to see: August Rush. Normally we would be quickly away, getting the boys either occupied or asleep – and if asleep, we’d all go in for a Sunday nap. My brother had just left for work, leaving his son there at my parents’ home as well, so all three boys (nephew + my two) were outside playing. My wife got up several times to check on them, and they were doing typical boy stuff – playing soldier, etc.

Just a few minutes after my wife’s last check on the boys, my oldest comes in and says, “Jakub (my nephew) is so silly. He’s got a rope around his neck playing outside.” To understand Jakub is to understand why my next reaction was out of sorts. He’s a rambunctious boy, old for his years (nine) and prone to just the kind of things that would normally make me say, “Tell him to get that rope off his neck, now!” . . . . That Jakub – always pushing the envelope. Yet, not this time.

I bolted. I ran for the door, turned the corner into the front yard and saw him. A rope was on his neck and he was suspended from a tree. The end of the rope was about two feet from the ground so some of his body was resting on the ground, but his upper body was not. He was so purple he almost looked black. I’ve never came as close to loosing my mind as I did at that moment. I ran, got the rope from around his neck and saw that he was not breathing. I thought he was dead. All this time I was shrieking for help, crying and praying in my mind for God’s help. My mother and wife came running outside and had similar reactions. By God’s grace, my wife (who is studying to be a nurse) gathered enough wits to set him on the ground and start administering CPR.

I ran inside, called 911 and ran to get a neighbor who is some sort of professional in the medical industry. By the time I got back to the house, he was breathing and was being cradled by my wife. He had experienced some sort of seizure-like activity (I was told) during the process to get him back. It was a frightening day. It was a day of Mercy. The medics arrived and determined he was one lucky little boy. He’s resting at home with his dad as I type this.

I just wanted to post this, on this day most especially. I appreciate any prayers you can offer up for him and for his dad and mother.