To say it’s been a while would be an understatement. Seven years. I’ve kept the page up for a few reasons – one of which is that the posts on my conversion and “Why Not Orthodoxy” get eyeballs every once in a while. I figured that if they could aid someone in their own journey of faith, then all the better.

I have no idea if I can write anything of worth, but I’ve been thinking lately that I have something to say. If nothing else, I will be writing for myself.  The name of this blog expresses clearly to me the state of my life. Slowly and, hopefully, surely, I am becoming hinged – connected to God in the way that he intends for each of us. Looking back over these past seven years, I cannot say with all honesty that I’ve been steadily increasing in my relationship with God. However, I do feel that I have matured in my faith, and I hope to continue maturing.

Nine years ago this next April, I came into full communion with the Catholic Church. You can read my story on this blog. Many felt it was just a phase (one of many I had in my younger years). Some surely still pray that I come to my senses. I only pray that I go deeper as I answer that eternal call of Jesus, “Strike out into the deep!”